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L'U.F.E. Sousse - Festival Organizing Association - Membership

L'U.F.E. SOUSSE - Festival Organizing Association - Membership

Adhere to UFE SOUSSE, head office in Paris, Promote, in Tunisia, for the International Festival of the B.D. French and Arabic in Tunisia in Sousse, comic strip, manga, image, sensitize the 9th art to the youth and women

L'UFE SOUSSE, Festival Organizing Association represents and accompanies you 

Association recognized for public utility, the Union of French Abroad (UFE), is a network that brings together French, Francophones and Francophiles around the world.
It provides them with a privileged link with France, defends their interests and provides support and mutual assistance on a daily basis. Founded in 1927, it has more than 170 volunteer-led performances in more than 100 countries.

The team at our Paris headquarters, UFE MONDE, made up of Our President François Barry Delongchamps, our General Delegate Marc Boudin and our Deputy General Manager Charlotte Hémery, give us their full support.

Francophonie and U.F.E. SOUSSE 

The French language is the second language learned in the world, and the third language spoken in the economic world!
Because the U.F.E. SOUSSE is a small piece of France abroad, it is also very proud to be able to share the French, language of all the French-speaking countries, for a better "to live together", near the youth.

"With the B.D., images and words live in harmony, setting the example for Francophone youth for every day of their lives."

Defend the interests of French people abroad

With U.F.E., no Frenc is alone abroad
Francophone, Francophile, with us are invited.
Roselyne CORDIN, Founding Président U.F.E. SOUSSE

The head office team in Paris, UFE MONDE, the President François Barry Delongchamps, the General Delegate Marc Boudin and the Deputy General Delegate, Charlotte Hémery give us their full support.

Its action is defined around four essential values : reception, mutual aid, conviviality and radiance.

Welcome : First step in the country and first contacts wtih those who wish to joins us.

Caring : The hand extented between those who know and those who need to be accompanied.

The conviviality : or the best way to weave solid networks around a cultural, gastronomic, informative activity....

Radiation : because each representation of the UFE is a small piece of France abroad.
 L’UFE acted alone from 1927 to 1948. It then worked closely wtih the Senators representing the French established outside France elected under the law of 27 October 1946, in the development of which it took an essential part. It will then be able to rely, from 1948, on the Superior Council of French Abroad (Assembly of French Foreigners), whose creation it has finally obtained.    
L'UFE is proud of the road traveled.


Do not forget to show with your card UFE SOUSSE 2020, a piece of identity to compare photo and name card (security for partners)


Join the world network of French and Francophone Expatriates and benefit from preferential prices for the International Comic Strip Festival in Tunisia.
Join the organizers of the International Festival of B.D. in Tunisia in Sousse.
U.F.E. SOUSSE (active: french - friend: other nationality) - single contribution: 110 DT (35 €) - couple's contribution: 170 DT (52 €)
Payment by international money order (Euros or DT)
Or by bank transfer or bank check (only in Tunisian Dinars) to the order of: UFE SOUSSE.
If you wish to pay by bank transfer or check in €, please contact us at: or at 00216.24.980.117.
Bank references

Membership U.F.E. SOUSSE (active : french - friend :  other nationality) - single contribution : 110 DT (35 €) - couple contribution : 170 DT (52 €)

 Payment by par international money order (Euros or DT)

 Or by bank transfer or bank check (only in Tunisian Dinars) to the order of  : UFE SOUSSE.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer or check in €, please contact us at : ou au : 00216.24.980.117.

Bank references : U.I.B. Sousse Jawhara - IBAN TN59 12015 0000093005729 18 - CODE BIC/SWIFT : UIBKTNTT

Membership Order UFE SOUSSE 2020


Founding President : Roselyne CORDIN

General Secretary : Chiraz BRAHAM

Treasurer : Yannick CORDIN