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Maison de Gurnah

The authors: - Golo - Valentina Principe - Kathrine Avraam - Rojer Féghali - Loïc Verdier and the cairote Mohamed Wahba Elshenawy
settled in Gurnah near Luxor in Egypt for a two-month graphic design residency which will be the subject of an exhibition at the City of Comics in Angoulême.
Golo, a famous French comic book author, has dedicated several of his albums to Egypt. He also lived there for almost 20 years and has done numerous exhibitions in Cairo. Golo’s project is to use this Gurnah house, ideally located in the heart of one of the high places of ancient Egypt, to develop a creative residence where French, international and Egyptian designers will meet.
Golo will receive the authors of Angoulême in his house in Gurnah for two months in immersion in one of the high places of the sources of human culture.
One of the oldest examples of graphic storytelling, it is one of the oldest examples of graphic narration.
This residency is organized in partnership with the French Institute, the International City of Comics and Images, the Authors' House, GrandAngoulême, Angoulême and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.

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Gurnah's House