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 About Us


L ' Union of the French of the foreign U.F.E. is an association founded in 1927, non-profit, recognized utility in 1936 and has more than 170 offices run by volunteers in 100 countries.      

The SOUSSE U.F.E., newly created represents the 170th UFE in the world and it is an association declared in Tunisia and governed by law No. 2011-88 of the 22.09.2011.
It is a network setting is around 4 core values: hospitality, friendship, conviviality, mutual assistance and the radiation of the France and the Francophonie.
She works closely with senators elected the French established out of France in application of the law of October 27, 1946, in the development of which she took an essential part. She can then rely, from 1948, on the Superior Council of the French from abroad (Assembly of the French from abroad), which she has finally got the creation.

The International Festival of the comic strip in Tunisia in Sousse is composed of a Steering Committee for the Organization and logistics of the Festival.

Chart Steering Committee

The International City of Comics and pictures in Angouleme

The international city of comics and pictures aims to promote the creation, power and value of comics and images, in France and abroad, and to enrich and converse the heritage.
              It includes a museum, exhibition spaces, a heritage library, a heritage library, a specialized public library, an international artists' residence (the Maison des Auteurs), a reference library, a cinema with two art galleries and testing and research, a multimedia technical support center and a seminar center.

Its mission is:
· To preserve, increase, disseminate and promote original collections, objects and documents on all media.
· To host artists in residence, to promote graphic or visual creation, to support authors in the expression of their art in order to facilitate the publication and distribution of their works in any medium.
· To offer a set of creative-friendly services to the community of local and national authors.
· To organize events, exhibitions, screenings, shows, colloquiums, workshops and all other artistic and cultural events that bear witness to the comic strip and the image in its greater diversity of expression.
· To be a resource, dissemination and innovation center in the field of comics and images.
· The International City of Comics and Images has placed the social enlargement of its audiences as a major objective of its settlement project.

Ambassador of Angoulême - Capital of comics and Image

L' Ambassador of Angoulême, Roselyne CORDIN is dedicated to the promotion of Angoulême and Charente, where she was born.

Angoumoisine birth, Roselyne CORDIN, has born Comics Festival when she was 9 years old, and never stopped, every year, to see bubbles of comics grew more up to burst into a beautiful bubble-world capital comics
Today, President and founder of the International Festival of the comic strip in Tunisia, she wants to bring all the love of the 9th art, dear to his childhood and his hometown, with his host, the Tunisia country, and to feel the general public, the same fervor. 
Long live to the comic strip! Long live to the Francophonie!

Long live France-Tunisia friendship!  From here and besides francophonie!