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Francophone Films of the Festival

IQBAL, l'enfant qui n'avait pas peur
Centre culturel Sousse
IQBAL, the child who was not afraid
Sousse Cultural Center
Saturday, APRIL 02, 2022 - 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. debate after the screening moderated by Mohamed KEDIDI from A.A.L.A.S. SOUSSE

August 2016 / 1h 27min / Franco-Italian Animation Film by Michel Fuzellier and Babak Payami
Production 2D-3D ANIMATIONS ANGOULEME - Gertie Productions (Italy)
SYNOPSIS: From 7 years old
Adapted from Francesco d'Adamo's novel "Iqbal, a child against slavery", the film tells the story of Iqbal, a young Pakistani boy reduced to slavery and forced to work, like many other children, in a carpet. But Iqbal is not like the others: he uses a point that only he knows how to do. Will he be able to regain his freedom? "Iqbal is a mischievous and cheerful little boy who spends his time between games with his friends, his adorable little goat and his beautiful drawings. He lives in a remote village in Pakistan with his brother and his mother Ashanta, a courageous woman who provides needs of the family while awaiting the return of her husband, who has left for work. Despite his young age, Iqbal is very talented, he is a true artist. He even learned from his grandfather the art of knotting the Bangapour rugs, works of great value that require taste, patience and nimble little fingers.One day, everything will change… Her brother falls seriously ill and he needs expensive, too expensive medicine. ."

BECASSINE - Comédie française (en projection future)

June 2018/1 h 42 MN / Comédie Française
With Emeline Bayart - Karin Viard - Denis Podalydès - Josiane Balasko
SYNOPSIS: for the whole family
Bécassine was born in a modest Breton farm, one day when woodcocks fly over the village. As an adult, his childhood naivety remains intact. She dreams of joining Paris but her meeting with Loulotte, a little baby adopted by the Marquise de Grand-Air will turn her life upside down. She becomes the nurse and a great bond is established between them. A joyful breath reigns in the castle. But for how long ?
Debts are piling up and the arrival of an unreliable Greek puppeteer will not help.
But it is without counting on Bécassine who will once again prove that she is the woman of the situation.